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Titus Chapter 1: Rise and Fall

Titus Series Rise and Fall Introduction:  Why have elders? 
Today, we are going to continue on with a walk through the book of Titus, a book written by the apostle Paul for a young pastor named Titus. The book is trying to teach titus how to transition from a broke church into a health one, how to structure a church.  This week we are going to be looking at the issue of leadership in the church. How do we decide who is capable to be in charge? How do we run a church that is full of so many different people. We have everything in our church. We have farmers and miners, artists, stay at home moms, people from other countries, people who’ve been in rocanville their whole lives and those who’ve been here for a very short period of time. By all earthly accounts, we should not be able to be a church family. We should be falling apart at the seems. We should be fighting and bickering with eachother. Yet we are united by Christ. The Spirit of Jesus makes us into something impossible. It’s not j…

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