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Marijuana: Stressed and Depressed

Marijuana: Stressed and Depressed
Introduction: Show of hands, who checked their mail this pass week? ok, you can put your hands down. If you did check the mail you probably got a card from the government this week. This card is to tell us that the Cannabis Act, which legalizes Marijuana throughout the country is in effect as of October 17th, this Wednesday. As of the Wednesday it is legal to buy and smoke weed throughout our country. Maybe this doesn’t mean much to you. Many of us won’t be affected by this bill. We don’t smoke weed. However as I’ve been praying I’ve become convinced that this is an issue that weed need to talk about. Well weed may not be an issue for many of us, it is a major issue for our country. There are many people within our province and even our town who smoke. Marijuana is something that matters to the people we are trying to reach with the gospel. We are told in 1 Peter 3:15 to “always [be] prepared to make a defence… for the hope that [we] have.” Even if does…

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